About Magnolia Bee

Magnolia Bee & Co. was originally created right after the birth of my first daughter in 2015. I started this company as a creative outlet for my love of all things personalized and unique. I also wanted to be able to stay home with my kiddos, yet contribute to our monthly income. For almost 6 years, I was home 'living the dream'. Then, in early 2021, I lost my Granny. She was my very best friend and liked every post I ever made on MB&Co! After losing her, I needed a change of scenery and went to work outside of the home, which in turn closed the boutique down in early 2021. However, I was only able to keep Magnolia Bee closed for a little while before we reopened for a trial run in the summer of 2022! I missed the creative outlet and friendships it provided so much!

After reopening, I also launched a smaller line of personalized patch products named, Georgia Patch Company. All GPC products feature chenille patches that are sewn on with love, which makes all the difference! They are top quality patches with a no peel guarantee.

Additionally, since reopening, I have left the full time job, become a travel agent (which I am also SO passionate about) and have put this boutique at the top of my priority list! My best friend, Deanna, is here to help too! It is our goal that you feel my love for this company with each & every interaction you have with us. We are SO thankful for each and every order! Welcome to Magnolia Bee & Co.!

-Heather, Owner